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Heavy Machinery Dealership - HMD


BubblUp Ghana September 2017

HMD Africa held the FIRST OF ITS KIND bubble football tournament in Africa called BubblUp on September 30 in Accra, more precisely at the El Wak sports stadium.

In itself, Bubble football is a trending sport that requires 2 teams to compete whilst wearing a plastic bubble (called Zorb) covering the whole upper body, treating the public with a joyful show of football and acrobatics!

The aim of BubblUp was to promote goodwill and partnership among HMD Africa and its partners while fostering an opportunity for networking and recreation with corporate Ghana in a relaxed atmosphere, a goal that was wonderfully achieved!

The event went on from 10 am untill 2 pm and 16 teams have competed for the 2017 Cup. 

Medias ranging from local radios to TV stations were present to cover the event, while different sponsors and food vendors participated.

The success of this event will unleash a serie of upcoming BubblUp venues throughout West Africa.