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Heavy Machinery Dealership - HMD


The most suited excavators for the African market!

Doosan is the fastest growing Infrastructure Support Business in the world. Founded in 1896 and committed to provide the opportunities that enables people and especially African communities to flourish, prosper, and create a better world for tomorrow.


Doosan offers a wide range of machinery such as excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, and forklifts.


One of the most suited excavators for the African market is  the DX260LCA and DX300LCA. They are suitable for Plant Hire and Construction projects and are ideal to work in the given climate. These excavators has been built for the industry’s best output and cycle times. Through large size engine and pump, these models have the best productivity among equivalent models and brands. With the DX260LCA and DX300LCA being designed with reliability and efficiency in mind, many years of trouble free use is awaiting any new owner of Doosan.


The DX260LCA is the only 25 ton class machine with 8L engine with an upgraded engine & pump and a larger capacity; whereas, the DX300LCA is powered by an air-to-air intercooler engine that delivers the best output in its class along with excellent fuel economy. Operating capacity has been increased and fuel consumption is lower than ever before.


Doosan Genuine parts are manufactured carefully to ensures a longer service life for the machines. Doosan helps in maintaining the original performance of any machine in order to ensure uninterrupted operation, maximum productivity and profitability.


As we are the exclusive dealers of Doosan in West Africa, more precisely in Ghana, Guinea and Nigeria; the full range of Doosan machinery is available in our stocks. Our sole mission is to provide a machine for every job, a solution for any challenge; the fleet to build Africa. After all, we are Experts of the Land.