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Heavy Machinery Dealership - HMD

Bobcat Attachments Landplane Deluxe

Remove large clods and rocks while leveling and grading with the landplane attachment. 

Working in either forward or reverse, the landplane makes it easy to break up hard ground and level a surface. Use the landplane to peel sod or aerate soil for seeding. No more back-breaking hand-raking. Turn a loader into a powerful land-planing tool with the landplane attachment

  • Simplify grading, leveling, removing sod, sorting debris, aerating, pulverizing and transporting material
  • Use it moving forward for aggressive cutting and sod-peeling
  • Travel in reverse for more controlled cutting and finishing work
  • Can be used like a bucket to transport material
  • 48, 72 and 78 in. models


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Landplane Deluxe

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