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Heavy Machinery Dealership - HMD

Doosan Excavator Dx300lca

DOOSAN designed the DX300LCA by putting the operator at the center of the development goals.

The result is significant ergonomic value that improves the efficiency and safety of the operator.

This model is equipped with the air-to-air intercooler engine, which has the greatest power output in its class and excellent fuel economy. It assures outstanding workability, productivity, and efficiency through the e-EPOS system, the new and improved version of EPOS SYSTEM. This will assure increase in operating capacity and decrease in fuel consumption.

DOOSAN has developed the DX300LCA's profitability with the end-user in mind. Easy maintenance operations over long intervals increase the availability of the equipment on site.

Model Number:


Engine Type


Bucket/ SAE

0.8-1.75 m3

Engine Power

197 HP

Operating weight

30,400 Kg

Available in these countries :