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Heavy Machinery Dealership - HMD

Doosan Excavator Dx420lca

New powerful DOOSAN 6 cylinder engine.

e-EPOS System (Electronic Power Optimizing System) and hydraulic power boost function for optimized combustion and minimized emissions.

Self-lubricating sealed, extra durable track links and rollers.

Improved sprocket, track guard, travel motor cover, and idler bracket for heavy duty application.

Heavy-duty X-shaped undercarriage with integrated track spring and idler plus durable box section track frame.

Advanced pump control technology “Relief cut-off ” saves much fuel in heavy workload.

Efficient conversion of engine output into hydraulic performance for better fuel efficiency and lower costs.

Best-in-class double element air cleaner and prefiltered Turbo dust separator for maximum fuel efficiency.

Model Number:


Engine Type


Bucket/ SAE

1.44- 2.31 m3

Engine Power

293 HP

Operating weight

42,400 Kg

Available in these countries :