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Heavy Machinery Dealership - HMD

Doosan Forklift D30g-nxp

Doosan's outstanding reputation for durable, dependable, and operator friendly pneumatic is further enhanced with our new Heart-of-the-Line Pro 5 Series. Providing a well-balanced mix of enhanced technology, operator comfort refinements, performance efficiencies, and serviceability advances, this new pneumatics will increase productivity and lower your operating costs with features like: Optimized Operator Comfort Provisions, High Powered, Fuel efficient, and EPA Compliant Diesel Engine, Power Reversal Transmission, Lift and Tilt Locking Hydraulic Control Valve, and an OSS (Operator Sensing System).

Model Number:


Load Center

500 mm

Max. Lifting Height

4,710 mm

Engine Type


Engine Power

43.7 W (58.6 HP)

Operating weight

3,000 Kg

Available in these countries :